About Netsanet Ministries

What We Do

Netsanet Ministries provides loving care for special needs orphans and impoverished children, in many ways depending on their specific needs. We try to keep children within families through supporting vulnerable families.

Who We Are

Suzanne Scheuble, Founder

When Suzanne Scheuble was 11-years-old, she knew God was calling her to care for orphans in Ethiopia. Five years later, that dream became a reality when she visited Ethiopia for the first time. In that trip, through embracing numerous abandoned babies, people dying of AIDS, children suffering from starvation and tuberculosis, she decided to give her entire life to serving Christ by caring for and empowering the poorest of the poor. After visiting numerous orphanages across the world and witnessing the appalling conditions in some of these institutions, God gave her a vision. The vision was to create beautiful, family-style homes for special needs orphans and abandoned children while preventing many children from becoming orphaned. She founded Netsanet Ministries in 2017 and currently works as the full-time executive director to the organization. Suzanne lives in Hawassa, Ethiopia with husband, Abraham and 4 beautiful children. Her husband, who is a doctor, also works tirelessly to coordinate the medical care for the children and organization.

Our Staff

We also have an amazing staff of 97 people who work around the clock to ensure the orphans and vulnerable children of Hawassa Ethiopia are properly cared, loved, educated and provided food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education and the love of Christ Jesus.

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