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Specialized Care Homes

Our Care Homes are safe, loving and clean environments for abandoned babies, HIV+ and special needs orphans to grow, heal and play. Providing proper nutrition, special needs education, physical therapy, nursing attention, and 24/7 care for severely medically fragile babies and children, our home is not an orphanage. We are a family in Christ giving care to the most abandoned and unwanted children. Many of our babies have been found on roadsides, trash piles and in hospitals. After entering our home, these children find a new life and family of people that believe in them and encourage them to become all God has created them to be. Our managers, nurses and caregivers and nurses are trained in child development and special needs care. We seek to create the cleanest, most joyful and stimulating environment to provide our children with best opportunities to grow and develop.

Msgana’s Specialized Care Home

Msgana’s Home was our first specialized care home. Msgana means “thanks be to God.” This home provides 24-hour care for abandoned and special needs children with the love and compassion of Christ.

Sitota’s Home for Teenage Boys

Sitota’s Home is our third children’s home established to give 24-hour care for homeless and orphaned teenage boys. Many of the boys were living on the streets before coming to Sitota’s Home. The boys are provided shelter, nutritious meals, family-like support by staff, counseling, education, and medical care.

Christopher’s Specialized Care Home

Christopher’s Home was the second specialized care home. It was started to accommodate the growing need of abandoned and special needs children.
This home also provides 24-hour care for children.

Income Generation and Growth Program for Single Mothers


Many single mothers are unable to raise their own children based on lack of income. Many of our mothers are HIV+ and come to us extremely sick. We believe that poverty should not be the cause for separating a family. The mothers and children come into our project completely homeless, lacking clothing, food, beds, blankets and shoes. We provide them with blankets, clothing, shoes, mattresses, sheets, soap, kitchen materials and temporary provision of rent and supplementary food. After providing the basics and a lot of support and encouragement, our social workers and staff seek to create a plan to independence in which the mother is given a small micro-grant to start a small business. After the mothers begin coffee, bread or sewing businesses, they can provide for themselves.


Special Needs Medical Sponsorship

We also provide wheelchairs, walkers, vitamins, special needs educational toys, and trainings for community families raising disabled children. In our community-based approach, this program seeks to prevent special needs children from becoming orphaned. Many families struggle to provide adequate care for their special needs children based on lack of education, finances and access to medical equipment. We seek to educate families on the proper care and value of special needs children as these children are truly treasures from the heart of Jesus.

Family Preservation and Sponsorship

In some cases, in Ethiopia, families may have jobs but their income doesn’t match the needs of their family. In these cases, children will become malnourished and sick based on lack of nutrition and medical care. In this program, we provide over 500 impoverished children every year with supplementary supplies of food, blankets, clothing, medicine, school tuition and soap. In this holistic community project, we seek to preserve families and prevent children from becoming sick, orphaned or malnourished.

Mercy House: Shelter for Young Mothers and Free Daycare

Mercy House is a shelter for homeless mothers and children. Through housing, free daycare services, nutritious meals, medical care, counseling, parent classes and opportunities for education, we help amazing teenage and young mothers to raise their own children. Our main goal is to help these young mothers become strong and self-sufficient through skills training and microgrants.

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