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The purpose of Netsanet Ministries is to bring Christ’s freedom to the abandoned, and compassion to the forgotten. Netsanet Ministries exists to provide the highest levels of individualized care, nutrition, education, clothing, medical care and housing to special needs orphans and abandoned children in Ethiopia. We seek to inspire others to believe that orphaned and special needs children are gifts from the heart of Christ, and each were created to change the world.

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 $100 provides the orphanage  10 cans of baby formula


$250 provides school tuition for children for one month


$500 provides special needs orphans medication for a month


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For $40 a month, you can sponsor a child living at Netsanet providing them food, medical care, education and love.  


Birthday: February 10, 2015

Adane is a sweet and smart little boy! Although, his mother died in childbirth and he has severe cerebral palsy and epilepsy, Adane is a joyful little guy. Everyone loves Adane so much! He brings us so much happiness. He loves playing with toys and eating bananas. Adane also loves to play outside!


Birthday: May 10, 2008

Abdu is a very energetic and joyful child. Although, he has cerebral palsy and developmental delays, he attends a school for typically-developing children. He is doing very well in school. When he came into care at age 9, he could not walk and could barely talk. Now, he can walk, run and speak in full sentences. Abdu had no relatives who were able to provide him care so he came to live at Netsanet.


Birthday: November 1, 2012

Asaminew  is a sweet and gentle boy. Asaminew was left at a hospital and was living there alone for some time until the local authorities decided Netsanet was a safer place for him. He has some developmental delays but never lets that stop him.  


Birthday: January 10, 2007

Ashenafi is smart, thoughtful and helpful boy. He loves going to school and spending time with his friends. He also loves playing soccer, eating ice cream and watching movies. He is very helpful especially with the little kids. Ashenafi did not have any family or relatives to properly care for him so he came to Netsanet.


Birthday: August 1, 2018

Her name means “by God.” Beamalek is a sweet, smart and cuddly little baby girl with a beautiful heart. She came into care severely malnourished but she is now thriving. She loves drinking milk and playing with the other babies. Currently, she is living at Netsanet as her mother is very sick, and she has no other relatives that can care for her. “By God” we know she will do amazing things in her life.


Birthday: August 9, 2007

Beti is a very loving, kind and helpful girl with a big heart. Although, she is very quiet and shy, Beti does very well in school. She is one of the top students in the class. She is a good big sister to the babies and loves to help people. Beti also loves to draw and color.


Birthday: January 31, 2010

Daniel, lovingly known as “Danny” is a joyful, kind and energetic boy. Danny has severe speech impairments and developmental delays but he never lets that stop him. He is doing great at school and has made a lot of new friends. He came to us after being abandoned on the street.

Dawit N.

Birthday:  December 1, 2018

Dawit N. is an energetic and strong little boy who loves stuffed animals. He was born to a single mother who found it too challenging to raise him and it was decided Netsanet would temporarily care for him until his mother became financially independent.


Birthday: January 1, 2017

Ejigu is a sweet toddler who has endured a lot in his young life. His mother died in childbirth and he did not have any relatives who were capable of properly raising him. When he came, Ejigu was severely malnourished and sick. Now, Ejigu is a very smart, active and happy little kid with a beautiful smile! He loves playing with the other kids in the home and eating cookies.


Birthday: February 17, 2019

Elshaday is a cute and active toddler who loves to give hugs and run around. This beautiful boy has no relatives who could care for him and it was decided Netsanet was the best place for him.


Birthday: November 1, 2018

Eyu is gentle and easy-going little guy. Abandoned at 3 days old, he was born with a rare and severe skin disorder that causes him to lose most of his skin every day. He requires a lot of special care and attention but we love Eyu very much. He loves to play with cars and toys that light up.


Birthday: March 18, 2020

Fitsum is a sweet baby with some severe medical and developmental challenges. He loves to be cuddled and hugged. Although, he struggles with cerebral palsy, Fitsum is a bright and happy baby.


Birthday: July 1, 2016

Hikma is a loving, kind and sweet little toddler. Although, she has cerebral palsy and microcephaly, Hikma is doing great in her physical and occupational therapy sessions. She loves hearing music and being held. Hikma cannot walk or talk but she recognizes familiar voices. Hikma has a mother but she is severely sick and lacks the capability to raise her at this time.


Birthday: March 1, 2014

Abandoned at a hospital, Isayas is a cute and happy little boy. Isayas has severe cerebral palsy, microcephaly and epilepsy but he is receiving weekly physical therapy and occupational therapy. Isayas loves to smile and play with light-up toys! He also loves hearing music and drinking his milk. We are thankful for this joyful little guy!


Birthday: August 8,2017

Kaleb is a smart, loving and calm little boy. He is very tall for his age and loves to give hugs. Everyone loves Kaleb because of his gentle heart and outgoing personality. His favorite food is milk. He loves riding toys and soccer balls.  Kaleb was abandoned at 3 months and is HIV+ but we know God has a good plan for his life!



Birthday: June 10, 2018

Kidist is lovely, pretty and gentle little baby. Kidist loves to be held and drinking her milk. She loves her pacifier and soft, stuffed animals. Kidist came to Netsanet after it was determined her mother was not mentally capable to raise her. However, she is thriving in our care and we know God has a great future for her.


Birthday: March 4, 2012

Everyone love this awesome boy! He suffers from severe cerebral palsy, however he can communicate in so many amazing ways. Libamelak loves to play with soccer balls. He is clever, gentle and sometimes even a little bit mischievous! Abandoned at a young age, this boy is doing amazing in his physical therapy classes!


Birthday: August 6, 2017

Liyais a sweet, gentle and lovely little girl with a beautiful heart. She is very easy-going and happy all the time. She loves to smile and laugh. She loves being held all the time. Abandoned right after birth, Liya is very smart and loves to play with the other kids.


Birthday: April 30, 2018

Lydia is a joyful, loving and sweet little baby. Abandoned at 30 days old, Lydia was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy, vision impairments and microcephaly. However, Lydia is doing very well in our care. She loves to eat and be held.



Birthday: Unknown

Maritu is a beautiful and kind teenage girl. Although she suffers from microcephaly and severe developmental delays, Maritu brings everyone so much joy. Maritu’s mother passed away when she was a baby. Under the care of extended family, Maritu became severely malnourished and needed extensive hospital treatment. After coming to Netsanet, Maritu has become strong, healthy and happy.



Birthday: December 1, 2014

Metiku is a smart and bright boy who loves to watch movies and play soccer. His favorite show is Paw Patrol. Metiku came to Netsanet from another orphanage. He is currently doing great in school.


Birthday: August 1, 2018

Abandoned on a roadside, Sweet little Muse is a lovely little guy! Although, he suffers from severe breathing problems and asthma, Muse is doing well. He requires a very clean and sterile environment that is free of dust or dirt. Muse loves to be held and playing with rattles. He also loves to eat oatmeal and rice cereal.


Birthday: July 5, 2014

Petros is a thoughtful, kind and sweet little boy. He is very well-behaved. Petros loves listening to music and watching movies. He also loves playing with his “brothers” in the home. Petros has some neurological problems and developmental delays but he is doing very well in school. Petros came to Netsanet after he was abandoned at 2 years on a roadside. We know God has a big plan for this special little guy!


Birthday: January 1, 2014

Ruhama is a lovely and active girl. She is very sweet and loves seeing familiar faces. Ruhama has severe developmental and speech delays. She doesn’t talk or walk but loves to express her joy.


Birthday: January 5, 2015

Sadia is an energetic and kind little girl, originally from a town about 3 hours from Hawassa. Born with a cyst covering her eye, Sadia received surgery as a baby. After surgery, doctors discovered she was born with only one eye. Although, she is partially blind and autistic, Sadia is a bright light in our home. She loves to clap her hands and play with musical toys. Currently, she is nonverbal but is learning new ways to communicate. We are so proud of this little girl!


Birthday: April 30, 2014

Salam is a loud, active and intelligent boy with a lot of personality. He loves to talk and tells very long and detailed stories to caregivers. He loves eating cookies and playing outside. Salam has some developmental delays and medical problems but he never lets that stop him. Salam came to Netsanet after it was determined he had no family that was willing to provide proper came for him.


Birthday: August 1, 2017

Sammy is a sweet, happy little boy with a loving personality. He is very intelligent and active. Sammy loves to play with toys and be held. His favorite foods are cookies and porridge. He came into our care after suffering severe malnutrition. Now, his health has improved and he is thriving.



Birthday: October 10, 2014

Sofi is a very smart, funny and loving little boy with a lot of energy and smiles. Everyone loves to hold Sofi. He is very happy and loves to run around. Sofi loves being held and playing with cars. Although, he doesn’t have a mother, Sofi has a good father who visits him regularly and we are hoping to reunify them in the future.


Birthday: June 10, 2014

Sosi is an intelligent, beautiful and shy little girl. She loves to watch movies and sing songs. Sosi loves spending time with the older girls. She is doing amazing in school and loves making new friends. Sosi also loves drawing, coloring and listening to stories. Although, she had some difficult situations in her life and medical challenges, Sosi is doing very well.

Tarikwa N.

Birthday: October 12, 2006

Abandoned at 1 year old, Tarikwa is kind and loving teenage girl with a lot of developmental and medical challenges. She has severe epilepsy, developmental delays and Autism. She does not like to be hugged or touched but enjoys sitting close to caregivers. She loves baby dolls and soft stuffed animals. Tarikwa’s medical needs can be quite challenging at times but the caregivers take amazing care of her.

Tarikwa T.

Birthday: May 10, 2010

Tarikwa is a smart, lovely girl with a lot of joy and imagination. She is wonderful big sister to the little kids. Tarikwa loves singing, drawing and reading. She is one of the top students in her class. She is very helpful and kind to all the other children. Currently, she lacks family to properly raise her but her relatives visit her sometimes.



Birthday: June 10, 2014

Tegegn is a happy little guy with a big personality! Although, he was diagnosed with autism, he never lets that stop him. Tegegn enjoys going to school, playing outside, running around and eating bread. He is very smart and loves to tell new people all the kids names in his home. Abandoned as a baby, Tegegn is a sweet, joyful and resilient little guy with a lot of happiness to share.


Birthday: March 2, 2016

Tirfe is a smart, shy and quiet toddler. She prefers to be held over playing with the other kids and enjoys eating cookies and juice. Tirfe is very shy and doesn’t like new people. She has a mother but currently her mother is severely sick and cannot care for her. We know God has a great plan for Tirfe!


Birthday: January 10, 2003

Abandoned at 2 years old, Yenenesh is a smart, loving and joyful teenage girl with some developmental challenges. She loves playing with the younger children and is very helpful to the caregivers. She loves to make others laugh and get her nails painted. She is a very joyful girl who loves attending school and making new friends. Although, she has microcephaly, epilepsy and developmental delays, she never lets her disability stop her.

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